Chilli chicken coriander

Refreshing taste with fresh parsley sauce is a unique experience at Fifth Season . Fresh green chilli blended in fresh parsley is sure to win your heart.

Chilli Chicken

Boneless chicken stir fried with sliced onion, capsicum and green chilies. Chili Chicken dry is most popular to accompany wine, beer and liquor where as semi gravy is liked by some to mix with their choice of hakka noodles and Chili Chicken gravy is loved with fried rice. If you are a non vegetarian you must order Chili Chicken at Fifth Season whereas vegetarians can enjoy chili paneer. Indian Chinese cuisine was born in Tangra, located on the east of Kolkata, the only China Town in India. The Chinese of Kolkata were best known as leather shoe and purse manufacturers, owners of beauty parlors and dentists. Thousands of Hakka Chinese focused their business mainly in leather tanneries at Tangra. Hardworking and ambitious, they would not spare any field, so, why food? Influenced by local culture and taste, they opened restaurants for Bengalis by spicing the bland sauces with hot fresh green chillies. As Bengalis love to eat and explore new taste, they found a perfect balance of hot, sweet and sourness in the Chinese dishes introduced by Chinese Restaurants in Kolkata. With this identity the Indian Chinese food spread to almost all street corners in Kolkata. Within a short span of time it spread to the whole of India with its regional influence of food habits. The green chilies in Kolkata’s chili chicken might have got replaced by dry red chilli in Delhi’s chilli chicken, but the Indian Chinese food fever did not spare any Indian from great grandson to great grandfather. You may find Indians not knowing about many regionally popular Indian dishes but you cannot find an Indian not knowing about Hakka Chowmein, Chilli Chicken and Gobi Manchurian.

Tibetan Thukpa

Tibetan Thukpa : Tibetan migration into India has given a big boost to Indian Chinese food with this special hearty noodle soup. Thukpa is a spicy noodle soup with minced chicken. It has a ginger and coriander flavor and leaves an unforgettable experience in the mind of our guests. Even vegetarians want to enjoy the soup and we customize it with chopped vegetables in place of minced chicken.

Chilli Fish

This boneless fish soft and succulent tossed in slit green chillies and soya sauce with diced capsicum is something to remember in Fifth Season. It satisfies your quest for the fifth taste . Try the dry or semi gravy version to enjoy the best flavours !!

Award wining Best of Tibetan Momo's

Fifth Season momos wins Best Dish in Singapore Food Festival 2009 -AWARDED BEST DISH OF THE YEAR 2009 Tibatan Momos are like Chinese dumplings and a delicacy enjoyed in Indian Hill Stations like Darjeeling district, Laddakh, Himachal Pradesh , Sikkim etc. Surprisingly in last few years Momos joints are found all over India and is gaining high popularity as healthier snacking option. Chinese migrants to Tangra in Kolkata introduced the Chinese food to Indians. When thousands of Tibetans migrated to India, Chinese Indian food got another boost. The most popular joint was opened in Kolkata's Elgin road. Ever since then the journey of momo is never ending. Momos are not only popular in Tibet but also in Nepal and Bhutan. For vegetarians as well Momos are tasty and healthy choice . Pan fried with zesty chilli garlic sauce or tossed in sweet garlic sauce for kids are very popular and tasty choice as a starter at Fifth Season Tangra Chinese Fifth Season has won the title of 'Best dish of the year 2009' at the Singapore Food Festival 2009 for Tibetan Momos.

Vegetable Manchurian Gravy

Minced Vegetable balls is brown ginger garlic sauce is a special delicacy for vegetarians who want to enjoy tasty Chinese food. At fifth season we use corn, Chinese cabbage and carrots to make round vegetable balls served with ginger, garlic soya sauce. Fifth season guarantees the unique taste of gravy most enjoyed with vegetarian chow chow rice . If you love cauliflower then the most popular substitute is Gobi Manchurian dry ordered as a starter.


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